Sixth formers meet top Surgeons

Posted: 7th August 2023

Fifteen year 12 biology students attended a meeting with 4 top surgeons/professors at Cleveland Clinic London to learn about careers in the medical field. Students also had a tour of the clinic to learn different equipment used in treating patients. The day event was organised in partnership with Imperial College and Cambridge University as part of a programme called -Make a Medic.

“I had my own interests in the speciality of radiology previously before the session with Cleveland Clinic. Upon meeting Dr Jumanda Haddock, I had become very excited to finally have a chance to talk with a woman in my field of interest, who had experience working part time, but still pursuing work within the specialty and maintaining family life. The experience opened my eyes as to how medicine can be a flexible field, in contrary to the common stereotypes. It was truly a great and eye-opening opportunity to have.” Zahraa (Year 12 student)

“I found the discussions with the doctors & insight into their career journeys very insightful, with Doctor James specifically catching my eye with his journey towards becoming a Haematologist. His talk on his career & life has inspired me to pursue a career in Haematology even further. The tour was also very informative giving us a first look into the luxury of healthcare. Overall, a very educational, knowledgeable & insightful visit.” Rayyaan (Year 12 student)

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