Student Advice

Every adult working at St Augustine’s is committed to ensure that every student is nurtured to becoming the best they can be. If you feel that you need some help, someone to talk to or just have a question about something, then please speak to any member of staff. 

Your year teams are very expert in dealing with any questions or queries that you may have. If you feel comfortable talking to these staff members, they will be more than happy to listen and support you. We also have access to experts both in and out of school should you want to access this provision. Please speak to your year team or a member of the safeguarding team to get us the right support for you. 

If you feel that you cannot talk to anyone but need some support, you can also access your school emails to communicate with a member of staff or use any other external platforms where you can chat with experts online and remain anonymous if this would make you feel more comfortable, such as: 

Worried about someone else? 

Please tell an adult at the school if you have any concerns about anyone in your class or year group. You can report your concern either face to face by seeing a member of staff in your year team or by speaking to a member of the safeguarding team.  

You can also email your concerns to safeguardingshared@stahigh.org.   

Remember that no concern or worry is silly. We take the well-being of all of our students very seriously, so please let us know if you have any concerns about anyone. We all look after each other St Augustine’s. 

Year 6 to 7 Open Evenings & Mornings & Parent Governor Vacancies

19th September 2023 : 5.00pm – 6.30pm
Head of Federation and Head of High School Speeches : 5.15pm, 6.15pm

Open Evenings & Mornings https://www.stahigh.org/admissions/open-mornings-open-evenings/


Parent Governor Vacancies

Applications are now open for Parent Governors in both the Secondary and Primary Schools….  Read more here.