Sixth Form Academic Curriculum

Our sixth form academic curriculum has been developed in line with our teachers’ expertise, experience and taking into consideration our students’ voice. We offer a broad range of A level subjects, alongside our vocational courses, including Applied Science, BTEC Sport and the Cambridge Technical IT & Business qualifications.** When selecting your courses, you are advised to take into consideration any future plans, at university, through an apprenticeship or the world of work. You should also ensure you consider your predicted grades for GCSE, subject requirements and your teachers’ advice. We would always advise you to select subjects you really enjoy and you perform well at. This is your future and it is important you consider how many hours of study you will be expected to maintain for success post-16. Whilst you are provided with designed Directed Study periods throughout the school day, you will be set additional reading, research and essays beyond the classroom.

Our academic curriculum undoubtedly prepares you for life after sixth form. You will be given guidance on study skills, both from our experienced sixth form team as well as external providers, but it is up to you to manage your time and prepare for all coursework and/or examinations. Whilst our sixth form teachers are experts in building up your skills, whether this be in reading, note taking or in writing essays, and you will not be expected to ‘make the leap’ from GCSE to A level/BTEC/Vocational alone, it is absolutely critical that you work hard from the beginning, that you respond proactively to feedback and you are maximizing your study time. It is only through selecting subjects you are truly passionate about, that this will be possible.

We would also advise, unless you have a specific career focus, a broad range of subjects, in order to keep as many possibilities open to you when it comes to thinking about university, apprenticeships or the world of work. Most students will select 3 subjects and these can be a range of A level and vocational subjects. You will have three double lessons per subject each week, amounting to 300 minutes of taught time, with Directed Study an addition where you consolidate and enrich your learning. Some of our students also choose to do an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), equating to an additional half an A level. Recent topics have included Plato and how far his teaching apply to modern day life; the application of Keynesian economic theory and EPQs in Photography, utilising our links with the Photographer’s Gallery.

Finally, in terms of our academic offering, we closely link in with our extra curricular and extended curriculum programmes, including a wide range of visits to places such as Westminster Abbey, St Paul’s Cathedral, the National Gallery, the Houses of Parliament and Tate Britain, as well as a wide range of speakers who address our sixth form as part of our fantastic work related learning programme. There really is something for everyone at St Augustine’s Sixth Form.

**Please note that the government is currently looking to replace vocational qualifications (BTEC and CTEC) with the new T Levels. T Levels will represent a two year course in one subject, combining classroom based learning with work experience. St Augustine’s are currently considering our future options in terms of which T Levels we will offer. BTEC Sport will remain, but the future of the other vocational qualifications is less clear after 2024. We will update this site regularly once we know more.

Should you want to find out more about T Levels, please visit – https://www.tlevels.gov.uk/