Sixth Form

Welcome to St Augustine’s Sixth Form

St Augustine’s Sixth Form Centre is a welcoming, caring, inclusive and friendly community. The Sixth Form team is close knit, working together to do all we can to support you to be your best, whatever your chosen academic journey and future career path. Our vision is one in which every single student is supported as an individual. We will encourage you academically and ensure you achieve your potential, whilst also providing you with a wide range of opportunities, both within school and outside the classroom. You will find more information on these opportunities in the UCAS and Futures section and within the Personal Development and Student Leadership links. There is always a huge amount going on as we take full advantage of our central London location.

You will quickly see that our Sixth Form is a place you are encouraged to lead and embrace your independence. You will have the chance to get involved in different clubs, enrichment activities, talks and committees, where you can support younger students in our community. This is a rather unique chance to develop your own skills, whilst giving back to others, boosting your future CV and personal statement too.

Whilst St Augustine’s affords you every chance to be your very best, there are also high expectations. You are leaders and role models in a busy and vibrant school community. We will entrust you to work independently within your directed study periods, and you will have access to your own rooms and common room. You will be allowed out at lunch time, but with these greater privileges, comes responsibility! You will be respected; your voice heard and you will have a real chance to shape our school. In return, we expect you to be dedicated to your studies, willing to work with younger students who look up to you, and respectful of our community.

The Sixth Form is always busy, bustling, fun and friendly. The Sixth Form teachers are experts in their subjects. They teach with real passion, enthusiasm and determination. They care deeply about their subject, and you! If you are an external student hoping to join St Augustine’s, you will be quickly welcomed and made to feel at home. By choosing your courses carefully and speaking to us on a regular basis, we absolutely promise we will support you in anything you want to achieve. Whatever your passion and dream, we will do all we can to facilitate your chosen path. Whether it be university, apprenticeships or venturing out into the world of work, our work-related learning and UCAS team will be there with you, every step of the way.

We want our students to be happy, settled, safe and achieving their very best. Please do not hesitate to get in contact should you have any questions.

First Day of Trinity Term is Monday 15th of April 2024

Please note that that all students in all year groups return for the start of the new Trinity Term on Monday 15th of April 2024.

The start time is 8.45am as usual.