Meet our Governor’s


Name Governor Type Term Ends
Eugene Moriarty Head of SAFS Ex officio
Fr. Colin Amos Foundation – Vicar St Augustine’s Church Ex-officio
Rachel Kelly Head of Secondary
Justice Dapaa Foundation – Paddington Deanery 28/10/23
Cecilia Anim Foundation- Paddington Deanery 28/10/23
Charles Malton Foundation – Paddington Deanery 31/8/24
Fr Neil Roper LDBS 28/10/23
George Huntley LDBS 28/10/23
George Allawi Foundation – PCC 14/2/25
John McArdle Foundation – PCC 28/10/23
Vacancy Foundation – PCC
Patricia Stefanowicz Foundation – PCC 28/10/23
Anne George-Raphael Elected parent 28/10/23
Ladi Mohammed Elected Parent 28/10/23
Maria Smith Staff 28/10/23
Vacancy Local Authority
Vacancy Co-opted
Vacancy Co-opted
Ruth Vince, Co-opted –Head of Primary 28/10/23

Clerk to the governors:

London Governance, londongovernance@gmail.com


Year 6 to 7 Open Evenings & Mornings & Parent Governor Vacancies

19th September 2023 : 5.00pm – 6.30pm
Head of Federation and Head of High School Speeches : 5.15pm, 6.15pm

Open Evenings & Mornings https://www.stahigh.org/admissions/open-mornings-open-evenings/


Parent Governor Vacancies

Applications are now open for Parent Governors in both the Secondary and Primary Schools….  Read more here.