Our Values and Saints

Wisdom  – St Hilda

Our students seek to widen their personal experiences because they know this is the best way they can serve themselves and others in making successful choices in their lives. They know that developing wisdom is a continual process and that they should use their knowledge in a way that gives them the opportunity for ownership over their own future, and the ability to help others. We support our students in this by providing rich cultural and educational experiences beyond the curriculum. We also share others wisdom with them, by exposing them to our successful alumni who often return to share their stories of achievements and success.

Integrity – St Edward

We praise the successes of all our students and staff and encourage them to act with integrity and to ‘be the best that they can be’. Students and staff know that their greatest successes are those resulting from courage over comfort, achieved through doing things the right way not the easy way, and most importantly, borne out of a desire to help others rather just oneself.

Joy – St Bede

Our students know the intrinsic value of bringing joy to others as well experiencing joy themselves. Joy can be gained through study, play and worship and so we encourage all in our school community to fully participate in these activities. Students also understand that good physical, emotional and mental health can be a key to their happiness, we therefore support our students whenever we can if they need a helping hand.

Courage – St Aiden

Our students are strong advocates. They seek to support each other and those within or without our community. They have a strong sense of compassion and are not afraid to stand up for justice, equality and fairness. Many of our charitable links, support schemes and programmes for change have originated from student voice and students actively support and contribute to them at all years and key stages.

Curiosity – St Felix

We value and aim for excellence. Our students are capable of competing with the best students in the country and we expect our students to show a curiosity for learning; to become lifelong learners. Our students know that they must look beyond those that may seek to limit their expectations, they understand that through their hard work and our support they can become the leaders, artists, academics, entrepreneurs, and senior public servants of tomorrow.

Perseverance – St Columba

Our students know that perseverance is vital to their success because it plays a central role in building a character that keeps on no matter how hard things get. We work hard at St Augustine’s to develop resilience in our students so that they have a strong work ethic and determination to overcome challenges not just academically but in their personal and social lives too.

Kindness – St David

We want our students to show kindness and to value learning so that they can look back in later years with warmth and fondness on their time at St Augustine’s. Our students and staff know that acts of kindness can have an enormous impact on those that receive them. Everyday hundreds of these acts occur at St Augustine’s both big and small and we recognise and celebrate these selfless acts whenever we can.

Respect – St Grace

We are here to respect all learners and to make them feel welcome and have a sense of belonging, whatever their needs, background, or ability. Our students know that respect is one of the greatest expressions of love and that their treatment towards others reflects their own self-worth. Students at St Augustine’s are encouraged to develop and express their own opinions, whilst always respecting and having empathy with those that may hold different views or beliefs.

Inclusion – St Augustine

We are relentlessly inclusive. Our school population represents all economic backgrounds, cultures, faiths and abilities. 75 languages are spoken by 42 ethnic groups creating a vast pool of talent and diversity. Our students feel that they can be their true self and trust all members of our school community to respect and appreciate their individuality. All are welcome and all are valued.