Religious Studies


What have students who have taken this course in the past progressed to?

RS A level is a challenging, stimulating, and thought provoking subject. The course trains you how to write fluently, and how to develop concise and coherent arguments. You will also be able to explain, analyse and evaluate complex ideas and theories, and to link ideas together. By the end of the course, you will be able to think analytically, critically, and logically. These are extremely valuable skills that can be transferred to any field of study or job. RS A level is highly respected by universities. People who have studied RS have gone on to complete degrees in a wide range of subjects.

How will I learn?

It’s an extremely interesting and enjoyable subject. In RS A Level, you get to discuss some pretty big, all-encompassing questions. You will be asking and trying to answer questions like ‘what caused the universe?’ You will experience a variety of teaching methods and styles, with the course mainly based in the classroom.

How will I be assessed?

All assessments are written exams, with a number of essay writing questions.

There are two assessment objectives

  • AO1: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of religion and belief.
  • AO2: Analyse and evaluate aspects of, and approaches to, religion and belief, including their significance, influence and study.

You will complete three exams.

  • Component 1: A Study of Religion – Written examination: 2 hours – 33⅓% of qualification
  • Component 2: Philosophy of Religion – Written examination: 2 hours – 33⅓% of qualification
  • Component 3: Religion and Ethics – Written examination: 2 hours -33⅓% of qualification

How much time should I be expected to spend on assignments, projects, field trips etc.?

You will be expected to spend around 5 hours per week outside lesson time to complete set work

Which awarding body is the course validation by?


Expected prior knowledge

To succeed in this subject, you should enjoy discussing big questions. If you enjoyed certain aspects of RS GCSE, or discussing ideas in English or History then you will enjoy A Level RS. You will need to have an open and inquisitive mind, and enjoy discussing philosophical, ethical and religious concepts.

First Day of Trinity Term is Monday 15th of April 2024

Please note that that all students in all year groups return for the start of the new Trinity Term on Monday 15th of April 2024.

The start time is 8.45am as usual.