Options at Year 9

GCSE Option Process

Options time is an important point in your child’s education; it is here that they have the opportunity to choose some of the subjects that they will study for the next two years. We know that it can be a difficult time and can cause anxiety because there are a lot of questions that you and your child might have.

Our options process has been designed to make this time less worrying for you and your child. It aims to create a balance between what we as educators know will help individual students, and the freedom to choose subjects they will enjoy and be enthusiastic about.

We hope that the information in these pages will allow you to make the right choices that will see your child succeeding over the next two years and beyond.

The curriculum aims to meet the needs of the talented young people currently in Year 9 as well as addressing the Government’s changes.

The process broadly follows this format:

  • The options process always beings with Year 9 students using tutor time to discuss and explore options.
  • Then Subject Leaders and staff responsible for each subject present to the whole year group in special year group assemblies each week throughout the Lent Term outlining the nature and content of each course.
  • A virtual options introduction evening is usually held after February half term providing guidance, support and the procedures as well as enabling parent/carers and students to ask questions
  • The options evening takes place in mid-march, this is an opportunity for all parent/carers and students to meet all subject leaders and their teams to do discuss the subjects in more detail. There is also an opportunity to get the perspective of current Year 10 and Year 11 students who are studying these subjects.
  • The penultimate phase of the process takes place at the end of march when every student receives a personalised interview to help support their choices and ensure that they are equipped with the information and advice they need.
  • The final phase of the process is concluded when students submit their option choices via an electronic form prior to the Easter Holidays.

The KS4 handbook below provides an outline of the curriculum we are planning to offer in Year 10 for September 2024 along with greater detail about each individual subject:

Year 6 to 7 Open Evenings & Mornings & Parent Governor Vacancies

19th September 2023 : 5.00pm – 6.30pm
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Parent Governor Vacancies

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