Staff & Governors

Senior Leadership Team

Mr Eugene Moriarty Head of Federation
Ms Rachel Kelly Head of High School, Deputy Safeguarding Lead
Mr Daniel Cunningham Deputy Headteacher, Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mr Nicholas Metcalfe Deputy Headteacher
Ms Emma Carney Assistant Headteacher
Ms Johanna Khawam Assistant Headteacher, Deputy Safeguarding Lead
Ms Mickey Tumber Assistant Headteacher
Ms Sara Hunt School Business Manager

Directors of Learning

Mr N Russell Year 7
Mr J Cunniffe Year 8
Ms S Nicholls Year 9
Mr J Singh Year 10
Ms S Hill Year 11
Mr Y Amos Sixth Form

Pastoral Year Coordinators

Ms J Brady Year 7, Deputy Safeguarding Lead
Ms S Juy Year 8
Ms C Ebury-Anteson Year 9
Ms S Toone Year 10
Ms S Jarrett Year 11, Deputy Safeguarding Lead
Ms S Donnellan Sixth Form

The governing body meets regularly and works closely with the Headteacher and the staff to decide the school’s aims and policies and to oversee the efficient running of the school.

The governors work in partnership with the Churches’ London Diocesan Board for Schools and Westminster Council and have particular responsibility for:

  • Setting aims and planning for the future of the school
  • Agreeing targets to raise standards of achievement
  • Ensuring the curriculum for the school promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of the pupils
  • Managing the school budget by providing the head teacher with guidance, setting priorities and budget monitoring
  • Staffing issues, including appointing the head teacher and other staff and determining salaries
  • Deciding the school’s policies on issues including admission
  • Making sure all pupils have equal opportunities within the school and providing for pupils with special educational needs
  • Ensuring a safe environment for all.
  • Ensuring there is a high standard of maintenance of the school’s premises
  • Dealing with complaints about the school/Dealing with disciplinary matters

From September there will be at least 7 meetings of the full governing body and designated governors for finance, staffing, safeguarding, premises, curriculum, admissions. The strategy group will also meet at least three times per year.

If you have any queries about the work of the governors or wish to raise an issue with the governing body, please contact londongovernance@gmail.com