Welcome to the Mathematics Department.

We are passionate about Maths and its learning and our aim is to help students to develop a greater love and appreciation for the subject. We seek to do this through a Mastery approach to teaching and more importantly to learning; whereby we recognise the fundamental principles of coherence, variation, fluency and logical thinking as essential to stimulate those rich connections that are the path to the deep appreciation of the subject. We also recognise the hierarchical nature of our subject and of the need for interleaving, the practice of systematically revisiting topics, which leads to a progressively deeper understanding of the underlying principles and ideas in the subject. In doing so, we also stimulate the development of perseverance and resilience which are essential to any successful life-long learner.


Year 6 to 7 Open Evenings & Mornings & Parent Governor Vacancies

19th September 2023 : 5.00pm – 6.30pm
Head of Federation and Head of High School Speeches : 5.15pm, 6.15pm

Open Evenings & Mornings https://www.stahigh.org/admissions/open-mornings-open-evenings/


Parent Governor Vacancies

Applications are now open for Parent Governors in both the Secondary and Primary Schools….  Read more here.