If your child’s application for a place at the school is unsuccessful, you will be informed why admission was refused and given information about the process for hearing appeals. If you wish to appeal, you must set out the grounds for your appeal in writing and contact: The Appeals Clerk, Clerks Associates UK, The Business Centre, 758 Great Cambridge Road, Enfield, London EN1 3GN

Statutory Right of Appeal 

Applicants who are not successful in achieving a place at for their child have a statutory Right of Appeal.  Full details of how to appeal will be included in any letter setting out why an application was unsuccessful. Appeals are a formal process conducted by a Panel of independent people including an appointed Chair and a Clerk.  The Administrative Justice and Tribunals Council advises and oversees the procedures and workings of appeals panels. Schools cannot comment on the likelihood of success of an appeal but do publish outcomes of previous appeals in school and Local Authority publications, on web pages etc.