UCAS & Unifrog

Our students are extremely well supported in preparing for their future education and careers. At the start of Year 12, they are introduced to Unifrog. Unifrog is a platform, paid for by the school, whichprovides balanced and bespoke careers information, with advice carefully tailored to young people, helping them make informed decisions about what to do after school, whether that be attending university, undertaking an apprenticeship or studying short courses in order to enrich their overall experience.  

By the end of Year 12, our students will have used the Unifrog platform for psychometric testing, building a CV, exploring career options, university courses and apprenticeships. They will have made shortlists of options available to them based on this research. They will then start writing their personal statements for their UCAS applications. In all of this they are supported by the sixth form team, our form tutors (who are all trained in supporting students’ applications) and through our PSHE programme. 

At the start of Year 13, our students start work in earnest on their UCAS applications. They are supported throughout this process by their form tutors and by our Pastoral and Academic Mentor, Mr. Scanlan. Every personal statement is edited and amended as necessary and each application is personally checked by him before being submitted. For a more detailed outline of the UCAS process and the support provided to our students, please click on the link.

First Day of Trinity Term is Monday 15th of April 2024

Please note that that all students in all year groups return for the start of the new Trinity Term on Monday 15th of April 2024.

The start time is 8.45am as usual.