The St Augustine’s Way

By Head Students 2022-23- Francesco, Nasrien & Ali 

The St Augustine’s way truly reflects Faith, that ‘there is meaning in what we do’. To use the writings of St Paul, St Augustine’s faith goes beyond religion. Through how this value is taught and expressed across the school, it is the development of faith in ourselves; that we should all feel fulfilled with a sense of purpose, whatever path we choose to take. Our teachers encourage us to do our very best in all our lessons, to keep faith in ourselves if we underperform, to ‘bounce back’ and remain determined, and most of all, follow our dreams in pursuing our respective academic journeys and fulfil our ambitions. 

As one of the school’s Head Students for the year 2022-23, I have developed a real faith in developing as an individual, applying meaning to all I undertake whether this be chairing Prefect meetings, the School Council, supporting Debating with the Primary School or my ambitions towards university. Two crucial values at St Augustine’s are Integrity and Wisdom; these values enable a greater depth to all we do, to grow in these values is to grow as individuals. Growing with purpose and direction is crucial to our futures, whether it be education or other endeavours. To apply yourself fully, to trust others and to retain faith in all we undertake, is absolutely the St Augustine’s Way. 

At St Augustine’s, there is always a focus on showing love and compassion to those around us. Through our Charity, Wellbeing and Eco Committees, we have endeavoured to create the warmest and most welcoming environment where all students can thrive. Practising love in the form of kindness, integrity and joy are just a few of the many ways we are encouraged to express this integral value at school. During my time as Head Student and as a part of the well-being committee, I’ve been involved in spreading the message of loving others, but most importantly, loving ourselves. By organising several activities, such as the wall of gratitude display, the committee and I have aimed to promote self-love and positive mental health throughout the school. Our Charity Committee also promotes the value of Love with regular events fundraising for causes near and far. The St Augustine’s Way is to demonstrate generosity, supporting those more vulnerable and in need. The virtue of love is at the core of our community and we hope to continue helping students flourish in this all-inclusive atmosphere. 

Finally, at St Augustine’s, we believe that everyone has a dream. Perhaps this dream is to excel in your academic studies and gain a place at a top university, to make the football team, to get signed to an apprenticeship or even something as simple as taking part in an assembly, speaking in front of your peers. All of these goals require drive, ambition and hope. At St Augustine’s, hope represents optimism and desire in the expectation that your goals or dreams will become reality. As Head Students, we have embodied this value across the community, whether this be through promoting male mental health via collective worship, by helping the SEN department in the Westminster Mile Run or by encouraging our peers to develop their voice at School Council. Our community is supportive, inclusive and determined in ensuring we are all given the best possible opportunities to achieve our individual goals, ambitions and dreams.