Curiosity Workshop

Posted: 7th August 2023

On Thursday, 29th June, a group of Prefects from the high school visited the Year 5 & 6 classes. They ran a Curiosity Workshop where they discussed what curiosity was in regards to the careers or futures they wanted to pursue. The prefects helped the primary pupils in understanding the skills they may need to reach these goals. The message of the workshop was how important our choices are in life and at school and the impact they can have on our futures. Thank you to Miss Carney and the St Augustine’s High School Prefects for a wonderful session. Our prefects had this to say about the experience: “We wanted to run the workshop to give all Year 5-6 students the chance to explore their passions, interests and dreams. We decided to frame this around Curiosity (one of our Prefect values) because engaging with students on their dreams, thinking what they could become and be or how secondary school can help, is a real opportunity. Many of us felt like we didn’t have this chance to work with older students when we were in Year 5-6, and so we really wanted to give something back to our wider community. Listening to all their passions and desired careers was really quite inspiring and enjoyable to listen to, especially listening how excited they are about the next steps in their lives. We really hope this passion and curiosity continues throughout their high school journey!” (Gabriel)

“We also wanted to inspire the younger students that anything is possible with intricate planning, belief & hard work. We really wanted to implant the idea of thinking of the future from a young age & understand what the future may hold within their education journey. We loved working in the groups, exploring careers that the students wanted to go into, and advising them on how to accomplish their dreams & goals as well as exploring back up careers that they may be interested in, prompting questions that they hadn’t considered before. This was all part of ‘sparking curiosity’ and using our experience to help them!” (Rayyaan) “We really enjoyed working with the younger students, learning more about their ambitions, expanding their curiosity, as well as getting to know what they want to do when they’re older, and learning more about the many hobbies they’ve taken up, some of which are directly connected to what they want to do next! Many students had questions about secondary so we all really enjoyed being able to share our experiences and helping to guide them. What really stood out to us all is how creative and extremely passionate the children are. Within our groups, it was lovely to see how they all linked in their hobbies with their careers. We all really admired their curiosity to learn and can’t wait to see where this takes them!” (Mary)

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