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Admissions Timeline for external applicants

If you would like to join the Sixth Form at St Augustine’s then please ring and ask for an application form and arrange an interview with one of the Sixth Form Team or fill out our online application forms.

Internal applicants will be enrolled on 20th August 2020, subject to meeting grade requirements.

External applicants can be interviewed and enrolled on 21st August 2020, subject to meeting grade requirements and providing passport. Please be aware courses may be filled and there is a limit to the places available.

St Augustine’s Key Stage 5 entry requirements Curriculum pathways KS5

Please select general entry requirements document and the subject specific requirements.

Sixth Form Team

E Hayman – Assistant Headteacher, Sixth Form
C Rhodes – Director of Learning, Sixth Form
S Donnellan – Pastoral Year Coordinator, Sixth Form
E Scanlan – Pastoral and Academic Mentor for Sixth Form/UCAS lead

Is there a course you are interested in that's is not available?

Such as:
Classical Civilisation

Send us your suggestions or register your interest with Sue Donnellan, Sixth Form Pastoral Year Coordinator at:

 For more information on Admissions read our Admissions Policy.