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Religious Studies

What can you expect to study in your Religious Studies lessons?

St Augustine’s is a Christian school and Religious Studies is a very popular subject in the school.

In your RS lessons you will get the chance to:

  • Learn about, and from, a range of different religious and non-religious worldviews.
  • Express your own personal beliefs, ideas and values.
  • Learn about the importance of respecting other people whose views may differ from your own.
  • Think about ‘big questions’ like: What is God like? Does God exist? How should we treat others?

What will you study in year 7?

In Year 7 you will study the following topics

  • What is RS?
  • What does the Bible say about salvation?
  • The Hindu worldview.
  • Buddhism – is life suffering?
  • Social Justice and the Gospel of Luke

What opportunities will you have within the subject?

We will give you the chance to grow in the Christian virtues of:

  • Love, as you gain respect for yourselves and other people.
  • Hope, as you look to the future and consider ways to improve the world.
  • Faith, as you develop confidence in expressing your own beliefs and values.

You will also get the chance to go on a number of trips as part of your RS learning, such as visiting places of worship within the local area.

The Religious Studies department is very excited about welcoming you to St Augustine’s next academic year. We hope that you enjoy your time at St Augustine’s.

Mr Trigg
Subject Leader - Religious Studies