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In-Year Applications

Please note that the 2012 Admissions Code has resulted in changes to the way In-Year applications are managed.

In addition to submitting a Supplementary Information Form to St Augustine’s you will also have to complete and submit a Common Application Form to Westminster City Council regardless of what borough you live in.

All In-Year applications, including for children whose families are new to the area and for transfer between secondary schools, need to complete forms for the Local Education Authority that schools they are applying to are in. For example Westminster residents applying to a Camden school must fill in Camden’s Common Application Form. Once your application is received by the local authority they will give the application an ID Number and notify the school(s) named as choices on the In-Year form.

When applying to St Augustine’s you may wish to support your application by providing a completed Clergy Form which must be completed by a faith leader, i.e. your vicar, priest, Iman, etc.

All applications received are acknowledged and placed onto the relevant year’s Waiting List. The Waiting Lists are managed by the Year Coordinator who may call you for a chat about your application or to request further information, i.e. most recent school reports.

From time to time a vacancy may arise in one of the Year Groups. Applicants on the Waiting List may be asked if they are still interested in joining St Augustine’s and may be invited in to have a discussion by the Year Coordinator.

You can collect or request an application form (SIF) from the school. Once you have completed your form you can e-mail, bring or send it to school. Please e-mail or send it to the Year Coordinator for the relevant year group.

For transition from primary and in-year for Year 7:

For Year 8:

For Year 9:

For Years 10:

For year 11:

For Sixth Form:


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