Debate Lessons

Posted: 7th August 2023

Over the course of the school year, 6th Form students have worked together to help students from the primary school improve their debate skills. Assistant Headteacher of Primary Ms Bettoni had this to say about the experience: “The Year 6’s had their last debating session at the high school recently. I would like to say a huge congratulations to all of those who committed themselves to the sessions. It has been wonderful to see your dedication in researching the topics and the hard work you put in to improving your debating skills.

It is clear how much you have all improved in not only confidence but public speaking. Thank you to Carlota and Anesa for always being ready to help out in their own time after school every Thursday. Miss Carney and I are looking forward to continuing debating at the high school for the Year 6’s next year.” Anesa and Carlota, our 6th Formers involved, said this: “It has been a real pleasure working with such dedicated and enthusiastic students. Even though we are in Year 12 and about to start our final year, we have learnt so much from their hard work, research and sense of competition! To see them listen to the guidelines Miss Carney went through at the start of the year, including timings, the three-part debate & how to raise a Point of Interest, and now seeing them actively debating & putting their lessons to good use, has been a source of real pride for us all.

We really hope to continue the club into the new academic year, hopefully including Year 5 students, as well as our new Year 7s. Thank you for putting the fun (& passion) into Thursdays!”

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