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The A Level Geography course covers a wide range of topics across both Physical Geography and Human Geography disciplines. Contemporary issues are discussed, such as globalisation and migration. A wide range of geographical skills will be developed throughout the course, including statistical and communication skills.

What have students who have taken this course in the past progressed to?

Most A Level students go on to study Geography or a related subject, such as international relations, at university followed by a related career. Geography provides you with a wide range of skills which combine well with numerous other A Level subjects, including Science, Maths, Government & Politics and English. Some of the UK's top universities look for Geography as an A Level Subject as they know Geography students are highly skilled in numerous key areas.

How will I learn?

There are a number of opportunities for fieldwork during the 2 year course, with both rural and urban based experiences. The course involves a compulsory residential visit to Swanage in Dorset to carry out coastal based fieldwork and multiple days within London completing urban fieldwork. There are also a range of opportunities to attend lecture days, talks and workshops at universities including Kings College, UCL and the University of Liverpool.

Year 12

Year 13

Tectonic Processes and Hazards

The Water Cycle and Water Insecurity

Coastal Landscapes and Change

The Carbon Cycle and Energy Security



Regenerating Places

Global Development


How will I be assessed?

The qualification is assessed through 3 written examinations and 1 unit of coursework, which is based upon the fieldwork you will carry out.

How much time should I be expected to spend on assignments, projects, field trips etc.?

You will be expected to spend around 5 hours per week on Geography studies outside of lesson time. Fieldtrips are run during term time.

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Expected prior knowledge

Grade 6 in Geography and 5 in English language or literature and Maths