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Welcome to Science at St Augustine’s CE High School

My name is Mr Masood and i am the Subject Leader of Science. Ms Osewele is the KS3 Curriculum Co-ordinator which essentially means that she will be supporting you all with your learning when you start with us!

Learning concepts in Science provides you with vital skills that will help you develop and work scientifically, skills include:

  • Represent scientific data
  • Develop scientific writing skills
  • Interpret scientific information
  • Construct scientific questions that can be tested
  • Develop observational skills through practical work
  • Work as part of a team 
  • Improve communication skills
  • Develop their scientific literacy and numeracy skills

The KS3 Science Syllabus is split into two parts, Part 1 is taught in Year 7 and Part 2 is taught in Year 8.

The 10 Big Science topics you will learn includes:

Forces, Electromagnetism, Energy, Waves, Matter, Reactions, Earth, Organisms, Ecosystems and Genes.

For those of you eager to become future scientists we will be running Science club weekly which includes fun experiments.

We’ll also be running the London Mayor’s Scientist Programme which rewards you with an amazing CREST award on completion

Across all educational age groups, British Science Week is represented in and outside of the classroom with a series of activities and events to help promote the benefits of scientific involvement.

Some of the activities and trips we’ve offered at St Augustine’s include:

  1. The Royal Observatory
  2. London Zoo
  3. London transport museum
  4. The science museum
  5. Forensic science
  6. Spectroscopy in a suitcase
  7. Science Theatre show
  8. Snakes alive
  9. Science experiments such as elephant toothpaste, magic milk, heart dissection, magic flowers, flame test, among other fun experiments.

BSW posters events 2020.pptx

We look forward to welcoming you all to the fun and exciting Science department @ St Augustine’s School.

See you soon