Wellbeing Fortnight

Posted: 20th February 2024

Wellbeing Fortnight from the students’ perspective!!

“To kick off well-being week, we began with delivering assemblies to each year group, focusing on being kind to yourself, kind to others and the impact positivity has on your mental and physical health. Each time the message was delivered we tailored it to each year group, for example year 11’s and their upcoming GCSEs. We hope that the assemblies made our student body feel more confident in opening up about their struggles to whoever they may want to confide in, and becoming kinder individuals by considering others.

The Wellbeing committee also took part in a meaningful event which we ran at different lunchtimes. Inspired by the positive impact of gratitude, we encouraged students during lunchtime to write heartfelt messages expressing their appreciation for someone they’re grateful for. The response was amazing as many students took part and many wrote lovely messages to their teachers and friends/peers. Witnessing the genuine love being fostered through these notes was truly pure. The committee then distributed the notes around the school. This event created a wave of positivity around the school. 

The main event that the sixth form students enjoyed the most was the bench ball tournament with staff and students organised by Miss Carney. Yes, it was competitive, but majority of the students enjoyed being able to be in the PE sports hall again and have fun with friends and teachers. It really took our minds off of the stress from A levels and was a lovely way to end the half term. Many students are looking for a rematch, whether it be bench-ball or dodgeball or some other sport, so we hope to see that happen again sometime soon.  Overall, there was a positive atmosphere amongst the school during wellbeing fortnight, and it was lovely to both organise and take part in.” 

Mary and Noor Year 13 

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First Day of Trinity Term is Monday 15th of April 2024

Please note that that all students in all year groups return for the start of the new Trinity Term on Monday 15th of April 2024.

The start time is 8.45am as usual.