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Headteacher's Commendation
Sama - E7
Sama is a keen learner and extremely polite and diligent student. She always comes in to school and tries her best to learn, make others happy and also takes part...
Headteacher's Commendation
Abdullah – E7
Abdullah rises above all the challenges faced by young people. Not only is he a hard working young person, who always tries his best, he never gives up and gets...
Headteacher’s Commendation
Sayuri – F8
Contributes positively inside and outside the classroom. Has represented the school on trips and received excellent feedback. 0 Negatives and 150 positive referrals.

Meet our Governor's

Name of Governor

Category of Governor & Appointing body

Term of office

Committee membership

Position of Responsibility.

Meetings attended Sept 2018 – June 2019.

Ammar Ahmed


Elected by the Governing Body

27/6/17 – 26/6/21

Governor Panels

Safeguarding Link Governor

FGB                     4 out of 8     

Fr Colin Amos


As Vicar of St Augustine’s Church

Ex Officio

Governors’ Strategy Group

Governor Panels


Sports Steering


Chair of Governors

Chair of Governors’ Strategy Group.


Admissions        1 out of 1

Strategy             3 out of 4

FGB                     8 out of 8

Sports Steering 2 out of 2

Pay                      1 out of 1


Justice Dapaa


Paddington Deanery

30/3/16 – 29/3/20

Governor Panels

Governors’ Strategy Group

Pay Committee

SEND link governor

Vice Chair of Governors

Link governor responsible for staffing

FGB                    8 out of 8

Strategy             3 out of 4

Pay                     1 out of 1


Cyrille Guillet

Foundation Parochial Church Council – St Augustine’s Church

15/3/19 – 14/3/23

Governor Panels

Link governor responsible for curriculum and 6th Form


George Huntley


London Diocesan Board for Schools

19/6/18 – 18/6/22

Governor Panels

Link governor responsible for finance

FGB                     7 out of 8

David Junkere


Elected by parents

7/5/19 – 6/5/23

Governor Panels

Link governor responsible for premises

FGB                      1 out of 2

Rachel Kelly


Staff at St Augustine’s CE High School

18/10/18 – 17/10/22



FGB                      7 out of 7

Alexandra Liu

Local Authority


1/9/18 – 31/8/22

Governor Panels

GDPR Governor

FGB                     3 out of 8

Ladi Mohammed


Elected by Parents

11/10/17 – 10/10/21

Governor Panels

Link governor responsible for website

FGB                     7 out of 8

Eugene Moriarty Headteacher


Ex Officio

Governors’ Strategy Group



FGB                     8 out of 8

Strategy             4 out of 4

Pay                      1 out of 1

Sports steering 1 out of 1

Sue Smith



 London Diocesan Board for Schools

30/12/16- 29/12/20

resigned 31/8/19



Strategy              3 out of 4

FGB                      8 out of 8

Pay                       1 out of 1

Fr Rayner Wakeling


 Bishop of London

7/10/14 – 6/10/22 – resigned 31/8/19



Strategy                 4 out of 4

FGB                         7 out of 8

Pay                          1 out of 1