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What's it like being a student at St Augustine's?

Ali Zarkesh, Year 13

As a student in St. Augustine’s High School and Sixth Form, you will have access to exceptional opportunities, facilities and access to high quality education. Our school has fantastic members of staff, both teachers and support staff, who will help students of all abilities to be the best they can be. St. Augustine’s is one of the leading schools in the area for supporting students with SEND and we have a dedicated unit for deaf students, enabling everyone to have the best education in an inclusive environment.

As well as an amazing teaching team, St. Augustine’s also has an amazing group of students. Students in leadership positions try their best to make the school environment as best as it can be. Our three school councils - sports, school community and global issues - each has a different goal. The sports council encourages students to do more sports activities, as well as managing different school sports events and competitions. The school community council helps improve the school's atmosphere and raises awareness about different issues and what students can do about them, such as protecting the environment. Lastly, the global issues council allows the students to connect with the news and events that are happening across the world. All these councils have students who are a part of them are working hard to improve the school.

As Head Student, I am doing my best to provide an encouraging environment for the students to discover and explore their capabilities, understand potential and develop it to work towards their ambitions. St. Augustine’s, as a community, will help all students achieve their dreams, no matter their background. It is truly a school for success.

Malak Mouradi, Year 13

As Head Student at St Augustine’s High School and Sixth Form I am proud to say I have been part of a loving, helpful and supportive community which has helped shape me into the young adult I am today. Our community is made up of different representatives from each year group working together across many student councils to create an environment where everyone feels welcomed. Our school values individuality, inclusivity and innovation which is continuously reinforced in our daily interactions with staff and students. As Head Student, I value the opinions of my peers and I ensure their voices are heard thorough having access to the student voice box, highlighting any concerns or suggestions they have.

As a school we successfully abide by our ethos ‘be the best that you can be by providing students with excellent support. This is conveyed by our amazing GCSEs and A Level results our students achieve. As someone who experienced our education first hand I know we are treated with equality and our needs are met to the highest standards. We cater to all students and our extra-curricular activities vary from sports, art and humanitarian work.

I am honoured to say that we have a sports and global issues school councils which include dedicated teams of young, hardworking individuals of the school community to create change for the better. For example, the sports council promotes the importance of fitness by raising money for a sports charity.

Working alongside diverse students across all years we are able to create a better educational atmosphere which promotes learning and most importantly personal development, to create successful members of the community. We are the future of this school.