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Christian Values

SMSC lies at the heart of our school and is integral to all that we do as a school community.
Students respect and celebrate diversity, and support each-other, encouraged by the strong family ethos.

‘Students treat each other with mutual respect and are tolerant of each other’s differences’ – Ofsted September 2013. There is very high level of commitment to the Christian ethos of the school and this is reflected in its provision for collective worship and religious education. One of the school’s values is inclusion and it recognises and respects the range of faiths represented in its student body and staff. There are links with local faith communities, including the Church which is a strength.

Students regularly attend services in the Church. Students find these services a good opportunity to reflect upon their personal lives which also supports their academic progress. There are two Christian Union groups who meet on a weekly basis – this is for both staff and students.

R.S is taken extremely seriously in the school. Students in Key Stage 3 have 2 hours of R.S provision each week, all students in Key Stage 4 study GCSE R.S and receive 3 hours of provision weekly. Students in Key Stage 5 receive 15-25 hours of R.S provision annually.
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In Year 9 in 2014, 86% of the Year group secured Level 5 or above. In Key Stage 4, two thirds of all students received an A*-C grade. There has been a positive trend since 2010. This year, 44% of the whole of Year 11 achieved an A*-B grade. At AS, R.S has achieved a ‘Good’ and ‘Very Good’ ALPs score in the last two years. At level, there has been a 100% Pass rate for the last four years. This year, A*-B was 37% which was very pleasing. A*-C grades have ranged from 62%-85% in the last 3 years.

The school offers opportunities for student’s SMSC development with many opportunities available for students to make a positive contribution to their wider community through charity work, volunteering, primary school links and performances. ‘The school provides excellent opportunities to promote students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development’ – Ofsted September 2013

An innovative approach to serving the emotional and physical needs of our students, their families, staff and the wider community, is through our outstanding well-being provision. Led by our full-time counsellor, many of our most vulnerable students have demonstrated improved attendance, behaviour, well-being, progress and attainment. These are students who historically would have underachieved, or disengaged with school entirely. ‘Equal opportunities are rigorously promoted and the school makes sure that every student has an equal chance of success. No student is denied anything the school has to offer’ – Ofsted September 2013.