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Ofsted & SIAMS Reports

Ofsted Report 2023

Summary of key findings for parents and pupils - Overall effectiveness: Good

The vision of faith, hope and love is central to this school. The core values of kindness and inclusion are guiding principles .Leaders have developed a broad curriculum. Leaders encourage pupils to develop an understanding of differences in people. They help pupils to respect people from different back grounds and to challenge stereotypes.

Leaders have high expectations including for pupils behaviour. They provide pupils with support and guidance. Pupils are safe, happy and well cared for by staff. Pupils appreciate staffs approach to managing behaviour in a fair and reflective way.

Leaders address any concerns about bullying or the use of discriminatory language effectively when they occur. Pupils behave well and the school is a calm and purposeful environment. Working relationships between staff and pupils are respectful.

Leaders ensure that pupils have access to an exceptionally wide range of activities in which all pupils take part. Pupils fundraise for many charities and take on responsibilities. For example, pupils take their roles seriously while working for the eco charity and well being committee . Pupils have opportunities to take part in a variety of workshops and projects, such as working with financial organisations and London theatres.

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SIAMS Report (November 2022)

Our whole school community are rightly proud of our Excellent SIAMS inspection. It is a recognition of the incredible hard-working inclusive community that we are all a part of past, present and future.

We are incredibly proud to have been awarded 'Excellent' in all categories in our November 2022 SIAMS inspection report (available to download below).

The report stated that:

The lives of pupils at St Augustine’s are transformed because they are nurtured and cherished by skilled, caring and insightful adults in the school. School leaders and staff, motivated by the school's vision, go to exceptional lengths to ensure that pupils, particularly the most vulnerable have hopeful futures.

The visionary work-related curriculum, driven by the school’s Christian vision, is instrumental in sowing aspiration and self-belief in pupils in this inner-city school, which serves a very deprived area. Pupils achieve far beyond their expectations.

Pupils respond powerfully to the school’s Christian vision by striving to be ‘the best we can be’. In addition to strong academic performance, this results in a vibrant student voice, which has a significant impact on the life of the school.

Religious Education (RE) is a flagship department in the school. Lessons are expertly led, participative and provide a safe space for discussing important and controversial issues. As a result students rightly develop a love of the subject and achieve highly.

The collective worship programme has been carefully crafted to reflect the school’s Christian vision and values. It is absolutely central to pupils’ experience of school and is a wonderful unifying factor for the many different religions and ethnic groups in the school.

The report focuses on one overreaching question:

How effective is the school’s distinctive Christian vision, established and promoted by leadership at all levels, in enabling pupils and adults to flourish?

The outcomes of the report are:

  • The impact of collective worship – Excellent
  • The effectiveness of religious education (RE) - Excellent
  • Overall grade - Excellent

As in all inspection reports, there are areas for development which are usually focused on ways in which the school can improve. In this case the inspector has asked the school to share its expertise: ‘To seek further opportunities to spread the excellent practice in collective worship and trauma informed behaviour management to other schools, so that they can benefit from the insights at St Augustine’s.’

SIAMS Report 2022
Ofsted Report 2023