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The Brent Centre for Young People – Covid-19 Crisis Project at St Augustine’s.

Throughout the Autumn and Spring terms, The Brent Centre for Young People's therapeutic team will be running discussion groups for all of Year 7. Each form group will take part in two sessions that are designed to encourage students to think about the return to school following lockdown and explore possible anxieties in relation to Covid-19.

Therapists from the Brent Centre for Young People are also able to offer parent support sessions during this time. If you would benefit from a space to think about the impact of Covid-19 on you and your family, please contact our SEN Co-ordinator Sylwia Antczak for further information.

The Brent Centre for Young People is a charity that has been offering therapeutic support to young people in the borough since 1967. They run a clinic in Brondesbury Park as well working across several outreach sites and within schools. For more information visit