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Take the Lead programme with the Old Vic theatre


A group of year 12 students took part in an employability skills programme developed by the Old Vic educational team which lasted for a term. Students used drama techniques to recognise and practice core transferable skills such as communication, teamwork, problem-solving, self-management and self-belief with the help of industry professional and the Old Vic team. They also had a chance to watch a play, A Number, at the Old Vic which starred Leenie James and Paapa Essiedu.

‘The old Vic workshops have allowed me to explore different types of skills in life and really helped me reconsider my options. I really liked the activity where we observed CVs as this was very beneficial to me. Overall, it has helped me become more open minded and gave me a taster of what the real worlds is like.’ Shahad (Y12 student)

‘In Take the Lead programme, I've learnt and enjoyed drama skills such as teamwork, communication, self-management and leadership and those skills can help me in the future because of the career choice I want to go into. I've also enjoyed mostly the mock interview because it's prepared me to handle the process of applying to a university or workplace, as well as know about the type of questions I could be asked and how to give myself a chance to succeed in the future.’ Laiyan (Y12 student)

‘This is a scheme that we love to run every year. It is a comprehensive programme that helps our students develop important work skills that we know are valued by employers. I find the Old Vic theatre team members very approachable and extremely talented at helping our year 12 students challenge themselves and develop a can-do attitude. In addition, students have a chance to meet with industry professionals in a business environment to brush up their interview skills and improve their CVs and network, without forgetting to have fun as a group of students with their teachers and enjoy a play at the Old Vic.’ Abdel Ydri (Careers Lead)