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Start Ups that are Creating a Sustainable World with Kings College

Westminster Enterprise Week – 16th to 20th November

Start Ups that are Creating a Sustainable World with Kings College

Business students in year 11 and year 12 took part in an online interactive meeting with start up founders to hear about some of the most exciting new businesses being developed right here in London and have the opportunity to ask them questions about their idea and their own start up journeys.

The aim of the activity, problem-sovling based, tackled the world’s big environmental and social problems and how we can all benefit from a brighter more sustainable future.

Business Panel:

  • Josephine Philips, Founder and CEO of Sojo – think Deliveroo but for clothing alterations, helping to make second hand clothes shopping second nature.
  • Christopher Mjelde, Founder and CEO of Verdn – A software integration that allows you to add high-value environment impacts directly onto product sales online.
  • Joseph Undaloc, Founder and CTO - We'll scan the web and find a secondhand or rental alternative. Helping you save time and money, while lowering your impact on the planet!
  • Adele Aitchison, Co-Founder of GrandNanny – Intergenerational childcare that makes childcare simpler and fairer whilst championing the unemployed.


Students’ feedback:

‘The best part was when we got answers to questions and business aspects we were interested in knowing more about. It also taught me what to take into account when aiming to expand a business.’

‘I benefited from the event because the entrepreneurs talked about the obstacles that may come on the way when starting a business. It would be great to have a longer interactive session next time’

‘The part I was drawn into was how hard it is to sell your products, it also helped me understand the importance of sustainability when setting up a business and how ethical it is.’


Ms Tang (Head of Business)
‘The event was really well organised, a fantastic opportunity for our students to hear from young entrepreneurs based in London.’