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School Expectations

Dear Parents/Carers,
We are extremely pleased with the attitude and character the students have shown having returned to school during the latest lockdown. As we approach the Easter break, I would like to take this opportunity to remind you about our expectations regarding a few areas of school life in the hope that everyone is clear and that all students can meet our expectations.

Although we would be reluctant to do this, the school reserves the right to send home any student if their standard of dress or appearance, including hairstyle, is considered inappropriate. Wearing the correct uniform prevents potential conflict situations at the start of the school day. Please be aware that those students not complying with the uniform code may find themselves having items confiscated or being sent home, either to remove inappropriate items or to acquire correct items of uniform.

To ensure there is no misunderstanding with regards to what the school allows and does not allow, please find below our expectations with regards to the following items:

Shoes: Ordinary plain school shoes. No black trainers or fashion trainers. Canvas type black pumps/hybrid shoes are not appropriate.

School Trousers: These should be plain black school trousers. Stretchy leggings / tight fit trousers or jeans are not permitted.

Hooded tops: These are not allowed in school, the exception being a non-uniform day, in which case these can be worn without the hood up... read more here