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Mindfulness training

The training intends for you to develop the skills and strength to be able to: calm your mind and reduce stress, boost your concentration and focus, improve your decision making, enhance your relationships

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness training is learning to be aware and present, in a curious, non-judgmental way, with whatever experiences we are having.

This may be different to how we often live our lives; with our minds elsewhere, caught up in what has already happened or may be to come.

With practice we can develop an inner resilience, flexibility and creativity, which can stay with us through our day.

About the course

We will follow an 8-week evidence-based curriculum, with eight sessions of 1.1/4 hours long.

The course is largely experiential with a range of mindfulness practices which we will explore and reflect upon.

There are also scenarios, presentations and activities because mindfulness can only truly be learnt experientially.

The emphasis will be on practical exercises and first-hand experience rather than didactic teaching.

Who is your facilitator?

Carolyn Gelenter has been working with children in a variety of capacities for 35 years. Since 2012 Carolyn has been teaching mindfulness for young people and children as a ‘Mindfulness in Schools’ trained ‘.b’ and ‘paws.b’ trainer and in 2016 trained as ‘.b foundations’ teacher in order to be able to train staff working in schools in mindfulness practice.

Dates of Training

The course will run from February to April on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 3:30 until 4.45 with the exception of half term.

Week 1: Thursday 27th February
Week 2: Wednesday 4th March
Week 3: Thursday 12th March
Week 4: Wednesday 18th of March
Week 5: Thursday 26th March
Week 6: Thursday 2nd of April
Week 7: Thursday 23rd of April
Week 8: Thursday 30th April