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Media bus in school for year 10 Prince’s Trust students

Just before the end of last term, a group of year 10 students on the Prince’s Trust course – Achieve took part in an exciting workshop that involved digital technology, making music and designing t-shirts delivered by YUAF (The Youth Urban Art Foundation).

Students had the opportunity to work with professionals in the fields and learn to design and print their own t-shirts using different media and while in a purpose-designed bus use IT material to produce music tracks.


Feedback from the organiser:

‘Each and every student surpassed expectation and participated in the session today. They are all talented, polite and enthusiastic individuals. As always it was a delight to spend time with them and watch their confidence and creativity bloom. They are a credit to Mr Ydri and the school.‘
Katie Webb-Samuels – Operations Executive, Prince’s Trust


Feedback from students:

‘I enjoyed it because it showed me how music producers make beats for the songs, I made my own beat that was fun. It gives an idea of what I could possibly do as a job. I have seen how music is made digitally.’
Luis (year 10 student)

‘The best part of the activity was when we got to create music and get to use a spray paint to make our own design. I enjoyed it because I got to use a computer to make music and then I got to show off in front of my mum.’
Ahmed (year 10 student)