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DSP at The Globe Theatre trip – Macbeth

IMG 3178 Sanja SEMIC

“Near the globe we could already see the thatched roof, in fact it was the only thatched roof in London. When we arrived, we got to take a look at the costumes. Then we got a tour of the globe. I got to sit on some sides of it, did you know back in Shakespeare's time they used pig's blood as blood for Macbeth! Another part of the tour was when we actually got to stand on the stage and do a bit of acting for 15 minutes. When the tour was finished, we ate lunch outside in the sun enjoying the view. Then we actually watched Macbeth, it was easy to watch because they had subtitles on all sides though it was still confusing because a male actor had to play Lady Macbeth!

IMG 3172 Sanja SEMIC

My favourite part of the play was when they were fighting and when Macbeth saw Banquo's ghost at the dinner table. I also liked that there were two BSL actors replicating two other actors on the stage. Overall, it was such a fun experience and I think that it would really help Deaf students if they are studying Macbeth. "
By Neha A8

"On a sunny Tuesday, the DSP went on a visit to one of the famous buildings in the British history - the Shakespeare's Globe. We have learned a lot of background stories behind the Globe and how people use it in Shakespearean era. The Globe was built at the end of 16th century and it has been through several times of rebuilding. It has been kept really well through times. We have the opportunity to visit the globe that was built in 1997 to have a Shakespearean experience. As someone who wasn't born in the UK, I found having an opportunity like this is very useful in order to know more about the British history. I've been to the globe once before but this time is a whole new experience; seeing BSL integrated with Shakespeare's play."
By Mina 12A