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Keeping Everyone Safe

Dear School Community

Keeping Everyone Safe

At St Augustine’s we are committed to making sure that everyone is safe and happy in their learning environment. It is very rare that we have any incidents that make the school less safe and students are very good at looking after each other.

As one part of our strategy for keeping everyone safe, members of the Senior Leadership Team carry out occasional random searches using an electronic wand. If you are chosen to be searched it is not a sign that we believe you are hiding something – any student can be searched.

If you are in a difficult situation there are many adults that you can talk to in order to resolve issues. I want to make it clear that any student found in possession of any form of weapon is giving up their place at the school and possibly facing legal action.

If we all continue to respect our rules and expectations St Augustine’s can continue to be the safe, happy and successful learning environment that it is.

Schools in England have powers to search and screen pupils and confiscate prohibited items. The Department for Education released Departmental Advice called “Searching, screening and confiscation” in January 2018. This advice applies to all schools in England.

Thank you for your support in this matter.

Eugene Moriarty