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Design & Technology

Hello, my name is Mr Adansi I am subject leader for Design & Technology.

During year 7 you will study the following subject areas in Design & Technology:

Design & Technology
Food Technology

In Design & Technology students learn about health and safety in a workshop environment. You will develop an understanding of how to work safely in a workshop environment. You will learn about the properties of working with wood and experience working with hand tools. The project that you will study is the designing and making a clock.

Topics covered – You will experience the design process such as research, visual research developing design proposals, evaluation design intentions which lead to an outcome of a clock to commemorate a chosen theme.

You will learn key skills such as research, drawing, designing, and making skills.

In Graphics - students learn the basic principles and skills of visual communication. The project student’s study is the Toyoko 2021 Olympic games.

Topics covered – students experience the design process. During the design process you will produce research, visual research develops design proposals, conduct evaluation for design intentions which lead to final outcomes. The final graphic products which you will create will be of a logo, mascot design, memorabilia, and limited-edition chocolate package to commemorate a country that is likely to participate in Olympic games.

You will learn key skills such as research, drawing, designing and computer design.

You will have many opportunities to work with specialised equipment and machinery in the design and technology classrooms and workshops. You will be able to design and make real-life products and take them home to enjoy.