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Summer exams 2021

This section outlines the purpose in relation to our centre.

Statement of Intent

  • To ensure that teacher assessed grades are determined fairly, consistently, free from bias and effectively within and across departments.
  • To ensure that no student is disadvantaged at any point through the process.
  • To ensure the operation of effective processes with clear guidelines and support for staff.
  • To ensure that all staff involved in the processes clearly understand their roles and responsibilities.
  • To support teachers to take evidence-based decisions in line with Joint Council for Qualifications guidance.
  • To ensure the consideration of historical centre data in the process, and the appropriate decision making in respect of, teacher assessed grades.
  • To support a high standard of internal quality assurance in the allocation of teacher assessed grades.
  • To support our centre in meeting its obligations in relation to equality legislation.
  • To ensure our centre meets all requirements set out by the Department of Education, Ofqual, the Joint Council for Qualifications and awarding organisations for Summer 2021 qualifications.
  • To ensure the process for communicating to candidates and their parents/carers how they will be assessed is clear, in order to give confidence.


Centre Policy for Teacher Assessed Grades - 2021
St Augustine's Exam Policy -2021