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KS4 Options Handbook 2023-2025

Making a Choice 2023

This KS4 handbook provides an outline of the curriculum we are planning to offer in Year 10 for September 2023. The curriculum aims to meet the needs of the talented young people currently in Year 9. The majority of the courses lead to a GCSE or equivalent qualification.

When you are thinking about the choices you would like to make, you should consider your interests, the subjects you enjoy and your possible future career. Careful thought should be given to the choices you are about to make, as you will be studying them for two years. It is unlikely that you will be able to change your courses once you have started them.

Recently Year 9 students have spent their Year Group Assembly and tutor time discussing options. Subject Leaders and staff responsible for all subjects have spoken to the year group, outlining the nature of the individual subjects; these members of staff will be present at the Options Evening to answer any questions.
As all qualifications we offer are linear (that is to say, all examinations are at the end of the two years) it is more important than ever that we ensure each and every student has a manageable KS4 curriculum.

We are, of course, committed to enabling students to follow a broad and balanced curriculum that will enable them to pursue their interests and achieve their aspirations. Advice will be available from the form tutors, the Directors of Learning for KS3 and KS4 and subject staff.

Click here for the Option booklet