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Raising University Aspirations

Last Wednesday, a group of year 12 students attended a university fair – Raising University Aspirations organised by Making the Leap. The event, which took place at Central Hall Westminster, included no less than twenty five universities: University College London, University of Cambridge, Brunel University, Kings College London, University of Exeter, University of Leeds, Goldsmith, Loughborough University, Royal Holloway, University of York and many more.


In addition to the fair, students attended a HSBC Money Management workshop to learn about savings, spending and budgeting as they prepare for a more independent life.

Students’ feedback:

‘The university fair helped me identify the right university for me, as I looked around and talked to university representatives and explained what I wanted to do for a future job. They helped me consider some suitable courses which I could apply for. When I first got there I was very confused as to what course I wanted to do, I thought I wanted to go to university, but by the end of the event I found out what could be the best choice for me.’ Younes – Year 12 student


‘I found the fair beneficial because I received a lot of information from experienced people about the process of applying for a degree in medicine, and what the universities look for in a candidate.’ Nadine – Year 12 student

‘I found the university fair very useful due to all the answers I had to my questions. I have also found the HSBC workshop very informative.’ Fatima -Year 12 student


‘My aim was to know more about entry requirements from different universities and how to prepare yourself and stand a good chance of getting a place, and I learnt a lot’ – Tasnim -Year 12 student