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Westminster Enterprise Week – 16th to 20th November

Westminster Enterprise Week – 16th to 20th November


Mace Virtual Site Tour

Year 7 students and their respective teachers joined an online virtual site tour organised by Westminster City Council and Mace, an International Consultancy & Construction Management company. We had an audience of nearly 200 people.
The presentation was about careers in Construction and for students to hear from a range of professionals about roles they might not be aware of. The following was covered:

  • Have the opportunity to virtually walk around an active construction site. Have access to areas you would not normally get to see and ask the experts questions.
  • What is being built and how much is it costing?
  • How many people are working on site?
  • What are the key Health & Safety hazards on site?
  • Are there any environmental initiatives in place on site?
  • What is the expert’s role on site?
  • What is an average day like?

Year 7 Students’ feedback:

‘The best part for me was seeing a picture of the how the building would look, once completed, and learning about which subject attribute to the job.’
‘The part I liked was when they answered our questions in detail.’
‘I beneffited from the event because I know now about construction sites and how they work during a pandemic.’
‘It made me realise how hard the workers really work and the questionning part made me interested in the field.’
‘it showed me how to work as a team and improve my study skills.’
‘I liked the part when we watched the videos and them telling us how much it costs.’
‘the best part was seeing the inside areas of a construction site but next time maybe less questions from students and more answers from the company.’
‘I learnt things about Mace and maybe next time we can have a meeting with a smaller group of students.’

Sue Hardy - Community & Skills Team Leader / Mace
‘From our side it was lovely to ‘see’ their enthusiasm and curiosity about the industry and the range of really interesting questions they asked.

We would be happy to identify a smaller group with a general interest in the industry that we could do something more sustained with for example updating them every few months and hopefully in the near future face-to-face with a possible site visit.’