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PwC Classroom programme

Dear students,

PwC, one of our business partners, have adapted their PwC Classroom programme so that it can be completed remotely.

The first session is Wednesday 1st July at 4.30pm and students need to pre-register.

Outline:  The programme combines both live and pre-recorded sessions which will provide you with an insight into PwC and an opportunity to develop your employability skills. You’ll also have the chance to engage with a range of PwC ambassadors through the interactive live sessions, whilst having the flexibility to watch and listen to the recorded sessions at a time best suited to you each week. We recognise that you’ll continue to have school or college commitments during the four-week period so we’ve made the virtual programme as flexible as possible. 

Click on link below

PWC Virtual Classroom

 Thanks, Mr Ydri

Careers Lead / Teacher