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Advanced Information for Year 11 Students

Advanced Information for Year 11 Students

GCSE/BTEC/Cambridge Nationals Summer Exams 2022

In this booklet you will find a list of all of the information that has been shared in advance by the exam boards for each of your subjects. The topics listed have been shared to support you with your revision for the summer exams. The topics listed will form the majority of the questions in your papers. These topics will have the highest marks on the paper.

Although the amount of information varies, please do ensure that where possible, it is still good practice to revise the entire specification, especially if you are planning to study that subject at A Level. Some lower tariff questions may still include topics that have not been listed.

If you are unsure of anything in this booklet, please speak to your class teacher who will clarify anything for you. Please also ensure that with subjects that have Foundation and Higher papers, that you are looking at the correct sections.

Good practice would be to highlight all of the sections that apply to you so you are clear on what to structure your revision on.... read more here