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Headteacher's Commendation
Sama - E7
Sama is a keen learner and extremely polite and diligent student. She always comes in to school and tries her best to learn, make others happy and also takes part...
Headteacher's Commendation
Abdullah – E7
Abdullah rises above all the challenges faced by young people. Not only is he a hard working young person, who always tries his best, he never gives up and gets...
Headteacher’s Commendation
Sayuri – F8
Contributes positively inside and outside the classroom. Has represented the school on trips and received excellent feedback. 0 Negatives and 150 positive referrals.

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A student panel discusses the future of employability skills with 60 business representatives.

A student panel discusses the future of employability skills with 60 business representatives.

On Wednesday 9th October, a panel of students from key stages 4 and 5 joined a conference on essential skills organised by BiTC (Business in the Community). Students had the opportunity to engage with a variety of businesses, such as UBS, Heathrow Airport and Ricoh, to debate the future of employability skills and how businesses could support schools more and differently in training students to develop essential skills. Their conversation highlighted the positive impact of support from businesses and debated how to make it more influential and long lasting.

Below are quotes from our students:

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Teamwork skills workshop by Prince’s Trust

A few days ago, a group of year 10 students took part in a teamwork skills workshop delivered by Prince’s Trust. Tasks included reflecting on personal attributes, skills and positiveness as a way to success and how everyone’s contribution can lead to achieving more and strengthening their group project. Some students took this opportunity to present to our guest -Katie Webb Samuels their current individual research work - Global warming, catastrophic outcomes of wars and harmful consequences of bullying. Work completed will constitute part of their coursework for the module ‘Presentation Skills’ and counts towards gaining the Personal Development and Employability Skills award.

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Scholastic book fair results

Last week St Augustine’s School library had a Scholastic book fair. This ran after school from Monday to Friday 3:30-4pm in our library.

Our Student Librarian Jaffar ran a successful book fair tour book loving students. Students managed to get bargain books at the fair. The book fair managed to get a total of £909 in book sales thus giving the library book rewards to the total of £545 to spend on books.

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Keeping Everyone Safe

Dear Reader
As Headteacher I wanted to share with you some information that I think all parents/ carers and young people should know.

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EARLY SCHOOL CLOSURE - Tuesday 24th September 2019

Dear Parents/Carers,
We will be holding our Year 6 to Year 7 open evening (entry for September 2020) on Tuesday 17th September 2019, 5.00pm – 6.30pm. The evening will provide an opportunity for you to look around the school and meet staff and students. The tours will be followed at 6:00pm by a presentation given by the headteacher in the main school hall. In order for staff to prepare for this event, school will close earlier than usual at 2:30pm.

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The Importance of School Attendance

Dear Parent/Carer
We would like to remind you about the importance of good attendance and punctuality, which as a school we take very seriously. Days off school soon add up and missing lessons makes it hard to catch up, resulting in students having to work harder when they come back and missing vital information that will prevent their progress. There are 175 non-school days a year for holidays, cultural experiences and family time

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A-Level Results

Dear all

Once again St Augustine’s students have achieved very positive A-level results. There have been many changes to both course content and how students are assessed and I have to say that both our students and staff have coped very well with these changes.

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